Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post Zombie Con NYC 2010 Comments & Photos

We staggered, spit blood, ate brains, scared tourists, confused Manhattanites, reeked havoc, gurgled, groaned and drank beer. Success!

Saturday morning we assembled for bloody marys and brunch at Kennedy's on 57th street. My subway ride there was obviously not like my normal commute. On the 7 train rows of people stared but a little Japanese girl was the most intrigued. She kept moving closer to me throughout the ride. Even though I was covered in blood, she could tell I was wearing a fancy princess dress and was totally fascinated. Then I transferred to the A train were of course I encountered tourists who stared some more and whispered about me. Not one person asked where I was going. Guess I don't look that approachable!

The job of a zombie herder is never done. This year since I am officially a part of Kostume Kult, I actually had a roll to play in ZombieCon. Keeping the zombies moving to their next location was my task and I was taking it seriously. Luckily I brought a whistle as I do not own my own megaphone... yet. The zombie pack moved along just fine, traffic lights were probably our worst enemy. A line of cabs and buses do not care about zombies staying together, they would rather run you over so you re-die and be on with their day. I brandished my whistle like a true NYC traffic cop and shouted STOP! then STAGGER! at the traffic lights. I fooled a lot of people into thinking I was the actually cops till they turned around and saw this!

There was a lot of great press coverage of our antics. Here are some links, Huffington Post, The Whiskey Dregs, Monsters & Critics, MetroMix WOW.. Check out those undead. As we shambled through Rockefeller Center we even saw/accosted Tracy Morgan parked outside of NBC studios in his yellow Lambo. His lady friend was quite freaked out but he took the joke well and he had a smile on his face as he drove off knowing he can pay to have someone clean off the blood for him.
It was a great day, thank goodness for sunny autumn weather and a great turnout. Join us next year and indulge your inner fantasy of terrifying a tourist or screaming for BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!

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