Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween costume ideas for couples!

A couple costume with your significant other can be fun! Below are 3 ideas for couples costumes. I start with easier ideas meaning little preparation and money and move towards more involved costumes.
Scientist & Lab Rat
Rather than be a doctor and sexy nurse why not be a scientist and his lab rat? Both costumes are very easy. For the lab rat just get some ears and paint some whiskers & a nose on with black eye liner. The scientist just needs a lab coat, maybe a clip board and a plastic syringe. The syringe can be filled with booze throughout the night so that the scientist can "run more tests" on the rat. 

Sexy Lion Tamer & Lion
I thought of this idea while preparing for Kostume Kult's FreaKKshow party. Lion costumes are pretty easy to come by but if you want to make your own try buying some faux fur and making cuffs for your wrists and ankles. Maybe your hair can be teased into a mane. Paint whiskers and a nose on your face with face paint or even eyeliner. The lion tamer wears a jacket and top hat and also gets to carry the whip. You and your partner might want to enjoy a little role reversal here.  By the end of the night you will know who really wants to be the Boss!  

Chucky & Bride of Chucky
Chucky scared the living day lights out of me as a child (most people my age can probably relate). If you and your mate are horror movie fans, consider Chucky & Bride of Chucky as a couples Halloween costume. These costumes are a little more involved with the makeup and all but I really think it could be a lot of fun.

So get creative and really go for it with your friend or partner. Remember, as always More is More!

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