Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Group Costume Ideas! Original & Unique! Don't dress like all the rest.

Even more Group Costume Ideas! Read on and gather your friends for an epic Halloween.

Group Walk of Shame: It's 8am or some ungodly hour for a Sunday and you are wearing your club clothes and highest heels. An outfit that was perfect for the velvet rope club you were shaking your thing at last night but now doesn't seem to be blending in with the neighbors walking their dogs and getting their mail. You bear no resemblance to the goddess you were a mere 6 hours ago. Engaging in an awkward "what happened last night?" conversation with your momentary romantic partner is out of the question so you high tail it for home. What neighborhood is this even!? Even celebrities get caught on Walks of Shame. Well since we've all been there why not band together and have a Group Walk of Shame? Messy bed head or romp head is a must. Try teasing or a good old fashioned roll in the hay. Be sure you give your makeup a good "I didn't wash my face last night" look. You can go with the rumpled mini dress from last night or even add his too-big-for-you team dodgeball shirt on top. Come on ladies, band together because it's not the Walk of Shame, it's the Stride of Pride!!Here's a funny video about a costumed Walk of Shame.

Real Housewives of Insert Your City Name Here:This is an easy idea sine you might already have the needed clothing in your closet. Take 4 of your friends and dress up like privileged upper class cougars. Gaudy jewelry (Dollar Store), age inappropriate mini dresses and too much makeup. Then carry around an apple, orange, peach or if you are from Maine maybe a snowball like they do in the TV promos. Done!

Fly Girls:The sketch show In Living Color was totally hot in the 90s. So were the girls who did sweet dance routines during the opening theme and between commercial breaks. This is a great group costume if you couldn't bare to throw away those neon orange bike shorts that were totally rad in 1994. Make sure your outfits don't completely match but try to have a color scheme going on between all of you. Get together before Halloween and create a fly dance routine. Then bring your mini ipod speakers and download the In Living Color theme song. This will win over any crowd!
Here is a video for costume inspiration.

Sexy Snow White & 7 Dwarfs:

*This image is fairly disturbing*
Maybe you are a female with a lot of male friends. Well then this group costume is for you. The dwarfs all wear a different color shirt and slouchy winter hat. Fake white beards are easy to find at a costume store. I would not recommend making your own with cotton balls here because I could just see that being a huge mess. You can rename the dwarfs of course. Stupid, Horny, Smelly, but you don't need me for that.

Sexy Chimney Sweeps:Hear me out here! I love the "Step in Time" number from Mary Poppins and I'm guessing a lot of you do too. Dress in black, get a drivers cap (see left), add black face paint or eye shadow for "Soot" and a chimney brush. Where you find one of those I have no idea. but I'm pretty sure you could make something that looks like it with a wire scrubby brush and a wooden dowel.

Band Geeks!
"This one time at band camp..." Tall Oaks Band Camp is the actual name of the camp from the American Pie movie series. Why not make some Tall Oaks Band Camp t-shirts and carry around some instruments? Fake ones would be best and the real deal is kind of expensive to risk a wild night like Halloween. You can draw straws to see who gets to be Petey the trombone player.

Cereal Mascots:Tony the Tiger, Sugar Smacks Frog, Lucky the Leprechaun, The Corn Flakes Rooster, The Trix Rabbit, Cookie Crisp Dog, Cap'n Crunch, Snap, Crackle, Pop!! All great cereal spokespeople or spokes-animals. Sometimes they are motivational like Tony, other times eternally tormented by tricky kids and the agony of not being able to get their hands on some sugary breakfast foods! Why not go as a pack of cereal mascots. This is a more challenging costume. I would give it an 8 out of 10 on the Kostume Girl's Closet scale of challenging costumes. Bring along a box of your cereal and hand out some snacks!
(On a side note: Why are Cap'n Crunch's eyebrows on his hat?!)

Need even more ideas?
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