Friday, October 11, 2013

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

31 Days of Halloween - Day 10

Doing a couples costume can be a fun way to annoy your friends.
Famous Duos are great for couples costumes! Pick your favorite famous twosome and start looking for a big party to show of your sweet costumes at. Here are some ideas for you and your sweetheart.

Simon and Garfunkel:
Definitely go with their Greatest Hits album cover look cause its probably their best known hair combination. If you are a Man/Woman couple I suggest the woman as Simon cause its funnier. Get yourselves some thrift store jackets and a cabby hat. Maybe you hair is big enough to blow out a la Garfunkel.

Check out this couple who totally nailed it. Even the pose!

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!
Everyones favorite best friend duo from the 90's. Wayne's World is one of my all time favorite movies. So many quotable lines and a kicking soundtrack too! Check out these 2 friends who did it right!

These friends also did an amazing Ab Fab costume. LOOK!

Let's hope theres an Alice Cooper at the bar you go to so you can fall on your knees groveling "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"

John and Yoko
Fun and no fuss. Long hair and circle glasses are all you really need, well that and Love. Hehe See what I did there?
Make yourself a "War is Over" sign to really drive the point home.


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