Friday, October 4, 2013

ZombieCon NYC is October 12th 2013

Gather the horde cause the zombies are reuniting to scare the living bejezzuz out of unsuspecting civilians.

ZombieCon NYC 2013 is October Saturday 12th!

RSVP and splash on the blood liberally!


~ World War X ~

A scary, silly, slightly x-rated, shockathon rampage.

Zombie lore is growing like never before... Brad Pitt is investing, TV networks are thriving and Undead Chic is all-the-rage ... And somewhere along the way, all this slippery, scabby, brain-sucky fun got kinda sexy.  Or, at least it will be on...

Saturday October 12th
Noon til Nite
Manhattan Route TBA soon 

RSVP for info updates

FREE early with donation requested at 5pm dance party location. 

Zombie characters from any zombie flick, show or comic - with a sleazy, bleedy, edge...  Main characters or those cameo'd and quickly killed... You cannot have an easier theme... Special spaztastic public activities designed for hilarity, hotness and horrification.  And Drinking...

Manhattan with plans to flow through a certain comicy convention en route to the super special Zombie dance-party after 5.  Noon Launch spot TBA the week of 10/7.  Be there by 1pm for maximum fun or RSVP for updates throughout the day.

BRING: Comfortable walking shoes and extra zombie makeup/ blood to zombify others as we go... Zombies are infectious!

PARTICIPATE or beware. Looky-loo tag alongs are subject to explosive zombie barf.

This is Zombiecon #9 developed by a creative community that has crazy costumey fun year-around.  We have bloodied the Wall Street Bull, attacked Fox News and brought much irony to many public places… (We are more than a bar crawl!)  For more check and

Zombie costumes are easy and inexpensive. For more on how to prepare you costume visit my post on how to Zombify yourself! I also have a post for a zombie makeup tutorial. Do Enjoy!

Check out this awesome photo taken at last years event. It was taken by the talented Caryn La Greca
Take a look at her other photos from the event!

Photo Credit: Caryn La Greca

Love and Brains,

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