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Halloween Costume Ideas from the 90s!

31 Days of Halloween - Day 20
90's Costume Ideas

So I put on my 90s Pandora station today as I often do and in between The Cranberries and Primitive Radio Gods I was inspired to make a list of 90s Halloween costume ideas!
If your a person who grew up in the 90s you understand the nostalgia of an episode of Rugrats or a game of Double Dare. Here are some 90s Halloween costume ideas that might inspire you this Halloween.

I loved this movie, if they still showed it on TNT I'd be watching it right now!
The Lone Rangers 
Chester "Chazz", Rex and Pip take a radio station hostage to play their demo tape... hilarity ensues. 
Here's a funny DIY costume guide on how to be Pip in his sleeveless flannel
Although I prefer his Lone Ranger costume.
I ain't farting on no snare drum.
If you bring the water guns as props remember to fill them with hot sauce.
You could also go as they band during their incarceration with orange jumpsuits!

Anarchist Cheerleader from "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video
Entertain Us!
Indulge your secret desire to be a cheerleader without totally selling out your goth 90's roots. Get some red pom poms a black tank top and some red duct tape to make the scarlet letter on your boob.

90s Gwen Stefani
Bindi jews, wacky hair and most importantly mid rifs, crop tops and abs! Cargo pants, a tummy baring shirt and stick on face jewels. Your boy could go as Gavin!

N'Sync - puppet costumes
Listed as one of the oddest choices for music video fashion ever, N'Sync in Bye Bye Bye. If you can find a way to make those strings stick up (wire?) you and your boys can make the ladies swoon or at least laugh all night.

Bye Bye Bye, babe.

Bee Girl from Blind Melon video
She took the whole world on a 4 minute journey with her from lonely weirdo bee to happiest bee at the hive of weirdos in the 1992 Blind Melon video No Rain.
Here's a great DIY costume guide for the Bee Girl by Creative Soul Spectrum. Very easy! Very Cute! Very 90s!
All I can say is that my life is pretty plain..

"I will never let go, Jack." Well ya did Rose. You dropped that frozen Jack-sicle to the bottom of the icey blue sea. Why not do the slightly less obvious approach to this 90s movie and do frozen to death Jack and Survivor Rose. 

Powdered Toast Man
A memorable character with an even more memorable super power from Ren & Stimpy. Actually I don't even remember what his super power was besides the fact that you could fly with him if you clung to his buttocks. Anyway here is a cute guy wearing a very impressive Powdered Toast Man costume.
Leave Everything to Me!

The Fresh Prince
Be prepared to sing "In West Philadelphia, born and raised..." about a million times. 
Ain't no thang but a chicken wing.

Carmen Sandiego
The loot, the warrant, the crook!
The better part of my childhood was spend on the old Apple with the floppy drive playing Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. In fact that game is the only reason I know the definition of the word spelunking. 

Spice Girls
Group costume! I would love to see a group of guys do this one. So funny!
Tell me what you want..what you really really want!

Here's an awesome list of more 90s costumes.

Love and Flannel,

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