Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Costumes on a Budget - Guys Edition

31 Days of Halloween - Day 1

So you spent all your money at Oktoberfest this year and now you have no more moola left for your Halloween costume.  No problem!  Kostume Girl is here with a few clever ideas that can get you to the party costumed and ready.

Guy Who Passed Out at the Party-
Supplies: plain white t-shirt, jeans, a Sharpie and a black eyeliner pencil, possibly a red Solo cup

Write all sorts of "hilarious" things your friends would write on you if you were the first person to pass out at a house party on the t-shirt with the black Sharpie. Then use the black eye liner NOT THE SHARPIE to continue drawing wieners, mustaches and "I heart Disco" on your face. You can use the red Solo cup to drink out of all night or attach it to a headband and wear it on your head as if you "hilarious" friends balanced it on your passed out head. Remember to buy eye makeup remover and a bag of cotton balls beforehand cause you're gonna need it!

Marathon Runner-
Supplies: Running apparel, old racing bib or printout, red paint

Nobody enjoys self torture more than marathon runners. I wish they would trade in the sneakers and upgrade to a whip and self flagellation . We're not going to judge!
Anyway, dress in normal running clothing, sacrifice the free shirt they gave you that one time you did a 5K and drip the red paint right at your nipples. Pin your number to your front and ta-da!

NYC Tourist-
MTA map, Bright colored shorts, camera with neck strap, backpack

It was my New Year's Resolution to be nicer to NYC tourists who are standing in gaggles with their shorts on blocking the sidewalk. So far I've been fairly successful. I don't want them leaving NYC thinking we are all cynical d-bags (We just have places to be!). Anyway this costume is easy peasy. Dress in bright colors and shorts that no native New Yorker would be caught dead in. Proudly display your camera around your neck and unfold that MTA map all the way! Make sure to ask everyone around for directions and "Where can I find a bathroom!!??!". If you have friends, dress as a tour group and one of you can hold that really tall flag and you all follow him around so you don't get lost.

To Catch a Predator Star-
Trashy t-shirt, sweatpants, six pack of Bartles & Jaymes

Sure this idea is in poor taste, but I also find it very funny. Put on your "Just the Tip" or Eaton Beavers t-shirt, make sure to cut the sleeves off and perhaps add some grass stains from when the police officers tackled you on the front lawn and covertly tuck your six pack of wine coolers under your arm. Perhaps you have a friend who could be Chris Hansen! Simply print out a transcript of your dirty chat session with an underage girl (that's bad, don't actually do that).

Just for fun, here's Adam Sandler's terrible cheap Halloween costume ideas on old school SNL Weekend Update.

Well I hope that helped. Get creative and go have a good time. Just remember Guys, don't be the first to pass out at the party and don't fall for a young looking girl with a plate of brownies just for you!

-Kostume Girl

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