Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Parents and Halloween: a recipe for embarrassment or good old fashioned fun?

31 Days of Halloween - Day 2

Headine from the Daily Mail UK online: World's Most Embarrassing Dad Wore Different Costume to Wave at Son's School Bus 170 Days in a Row.

Is this my future? Haha I often joke that it will be just my luck to have children that end up hating Halloween. As per my previous posts on this blog, I'm on par to embarrass my teenage children for the entire month of October. Surely they will be writing desperate letters to their Grandparents asking if they can come stay with them till November 1st. Oh well at least the Grandchildren will think I am cool. 
Eitherway I can say I probably won't go the route this guy did. Over in the UK lives the World's Most Embarrassing Dad, Dale Price. He decided that standing on the front steps waving to his son's bus was just not enough. Nope he bid farewell each morning to 16-year-old Rain wearing a different costume for the occasion. He did this for 170 cringe inducing days!! WOW!

Ok Rain, I can relate. My Mom is a librarian and a story teller and to say she is into her job may be the understatement of the century. She uses costumes to get the children she teaches excited about her lessons. Her many disguises have included the Cat in the Hat, Where's Waldo, Johnny Appleseed, Christopher Columbus, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, and the Man With The Yellow Hat (Curious George). By the way all of these costumes are not limited to Halloween, this is a year round thing. Judging by the list, you can see she particularly fond of dressing as children's literature characters. The creative apple does not fall far from the tree so I am grateful for her crazy costuming ways. I am also grateful she started working at my high school AFTER I graduated! Haha However without her adventurous spirit I may not be confident enough to leave the house in a spandex candy cane outfit in the middle of December. Thanks Mom! You are literally the coolest most enthusiastic librarian in the world.

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