Friday, October 4, 2013

How to zombify yourself. Making a zombie costume in a few easy cheap steps.

So you want to be a zombie?

Great! Join the hoards of seething undead, embarrass your family and do ANYTHING for free brains. But what will you wear?
I'm hear to show you how in a few easy steps you can look your Zombie best for ZombieCon or any other undead occasion.

Here are a few things you may need:
Serrated Knife or Exact-o blade
Face Paint (white, red, black)
Acrylic Craft Paint (about 60cents a bottle at Michaels)
Old clothing or costume
Bloody Scab ($4 at Ricky's)
Fake Blood

One thing to consider is when a living person is transformed into a Zombie, or infected, they will stuck forever wearing the clothing they were wearing at the time of their infection. So for example if one were a sexy nurse or a sexy construction worker, they would simple become a sexy zombie nurse or sexy zombie construction worker. Sexy is a given here. Start with your base clothing or costume. Hit up the thrift store or the back of your closet for items you do not want to wear in a "normal" situation again. Remember to dress for the weather too. Just cause you are no longer human doesn't mean you can't get a little chilly out there! Then let the fun begin!

Do not just use a scissors and cut zig zaggy shapes on the edges of your clothing. This is an amateur move. The clothing has to look like it has been ripped and shredded from chasing innocent people through the woods, stopping at nothing to devour their brains! Anyway I use a serraded knife or Exact-o blade and also rip the clothing by hand. Caution: if you go too crazy with the deconstruction of your clothing it will not stay on you anymore and the police will be more likely to bother you for unintentionally exposing yourself. Cut and tear a little bit at a time, trying it on, looking in the mirror and deciding where you need more damage.

Then begin the bloodying process! Get some cheap acrylic craft paint at the store in dark red and black. Don't get a bright fire engine red cause real blood does not look like that when it dries on clothing. Take the item of clothing in your hands, add two drops of red paint and one of black then rub the fabric together like you are scrubbing out a stain. This will give a natural dirt plus blood effect. DO add LOTS of blood around the tears in your clothing because this makes sense. DO add LOTS of blood down your chest as if it has been dripping there from the brains you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. DO allow plenty of time for your outfit to dry before the event you are attending. Nobody likes wet paint in their car or on their couch.

Now your outfit looks good time to work on your makeup.
Watch the Sexy Zombie Makeup Tutorial here.
Start with a white or light grey base because after all Zombies are dead bodies. Add lots of black makeup to your eyes and a fair amount on your cheeks to make them look more sunken in. Fake blood - I have tried some however most are too sticky and never dry. I much prefer to use red and black face paint around my mouth and then add this magic stuff called "Bloody Scab". It looks like just that. Add it sporadically around your face and neck for optimum results. I think a detail that people overlook is that zombies have really dirty hands. Take the black face paint and rub on the backs of your hands as if you're just dug your way out of a fresh grave!

Congratulations! You are ready to go terrorize some civilians! Don't forget to stagger, gasp, groan, roll your eyes, get distracted by shiny things, let out a terrible scream for no reason and reek havoc in general. However try not to intentionally scare children, thats just not nice.

OXOX, Kostume Girl

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